Alcantara Concept Store

Alcantara opens its first Concept Store in Milan with Rebecca Moses

Alcantara opens its first Concept Store in Milan inspired by his versatile soul able to combine fashion, design and creativity.

The well-known brand new showcase to the public opened in the fashion district, in Via Verri in Milan, with a ‘dress’ designed by interior designer and architect Massimo Locatelli.
The store is designed as 3.0 deployment to be continually renewed in order to follow, promote and support innovation and emerging trends.

It’s difficult to define Alcantara Concept Store in one word, a space located halfway between showroom, art gallery and retail. The leitmotif – the material to which Alcantara link its name, from the sofas of the past and the car interiors of today – is now declined in a variety of more and less conventional uses. Alcantara showroom is indeed a place of stories and treasures where past and future are mixed.

To promote such place, for the inauguration, Alcantara referred to one of most famous fashion sketchers, Rebecca Moses who added a touch of freshness with her illustrations.
The artist has indeed created for Alcantara a series of 12 characters, all fond of fashion and creativity, that are embodiment of different lifestyle types. Basically a transposition into fashion characters of those that are the many Alcantara facets.

However Rebecca has not only outlined an army of fashionistas, but – being a fashion designer- she transposed her sketches in unique pieces of apparel and accessories.
There is room for all: from the androgynous formal and business oriented ‘Tatiana’ to the sweet ‘Kitty’ dreamy and sensual as Katherine Hepburn, without forgetting faboulous globetrotters and trendsetters.

Now we can immerse ourselves in this fairy world and choose which of the 12 beauties we want to be inspired by.

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