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Milan fashion becomes green thanks to Green Carpet Award. The new fashion appointment is scheduled for next September.

Milan affirms its leadership in the fashion biz scene with a new appointment, scheduled for September, focused on eco-sustainable fashion: the Green Carpet Awards.

Green Carpet Awards event announcement comes by Livia Giuggioli Firth, since long time concerned in sustainable fashion to enhances the extraordinary creativity of Italy country along with equally exceptional ecological and ethical standards. Green Carpet Awards are sponsored by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, together with associations for green fashion industry as Mise, Ice and Eco-Age.

Carlo Capasa, President of Italian Chamber of Fashion, has promptly taken up the challenge of grant Italian fashion a new reason for its uniqueness. Moreover, the green footprint might and must become a true trend for future fashion, becoming a turning point and encouraging responsible consumption behaviors especially into apparel.

This first event is focused on one of the most controversial chapters of fashion production: treatment of leathers and fabrics. As already brought to the fore by the dramatic events occurred in the past, being the most notably the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, often clothing workers and dressmakers conditions are undervalued, as well as substances used for treatments and production that have toxic side effects on the environment are disregarded. In the case of leather add also the issues raised by the animal rights movements about animal treatment both in husbandry and in leather tanning.

A few years ago few ad hoc awards have begun to appear, mostly owned by private associations, aimed at rewarding the virtuous companies in the fashion industry, that have been able to reconcile production requirements with pollution reduction and compliance with environmental resources. The phenomenon has now spread along.

The September 24th, 2017 will be a milestone etched in the history of the Milanese fashion. The Green Carpet Award ceremony will celebrate the fashion firms that have most taken concrete steps in the direction of sustainability and it will be an opportunity to reaffirm Milan as the excellence stage for fashion. The brands that have marked the history of the Milan catwalks like Valentino, Armani, Gucci and Prada have already confirmed their participation at the soiree.

An injection of novelty won’t be missed, indeed a competition to submit sketches and creations on the theme was launched in March. The best emerging fashion designers will present at the awards their fully sustainable collections conceived and created according to green principles.

The new green fashion appointment, not surprisingly taking place in the month of Milano Moda Women SS18 collections presentation, is expected to forever change the face of Milan Fashion industry.

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