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What were the most wanted models in 2018?

Like every year Forbes draws the ranking of the highest paid top models. Among them Kendal Jenner, Gisele Bündchen, Karlie Kloss and few others.

Also for 2018 Kendall Jenner confirms herself as the most paid model in the world. The Forbes ranking places her on the highest step of the podium for the second consecutive year, thanks to a collection of 22.5 million dollars.

Karlie Kloss earns this year the second place, while Chrissy Teigen and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley follow on a par in third place.

Disappointment, so to speak, for Gisele Bündchen who – after having conquered the scepter both in 2015 and 2016, drops this year from the podium to the fourth place in the ranking.

What is behind the success of these four models? What distinguishes them from the host of beautiful women we have seen on catwalks? Here is a brief summary of their achievements in 2018

Kendall was able to stand out in the Jenner family and throughout the world thanks to her style that led her to walk on the most prestigious fashion shows. At just 22, the American model is one of the most sought on the web – surely for her beauty, but also for the collaborations and fashion creations that she carries along with famous lifestyle brands. Indeed the top model is also testimonial of brands such as Adidas and Calvin Klein.

In addition to Fashion Week shows around the world, Kendall Jenner took part in the last Victoria’s Secret fashion show, one of the most important event into fashion biz. Finally, Kendall is the face, and the body, of a long series of advertising campaigns, including Roberto Cavalli’s new spring-summer 2019 ads.

Not least, Kendall Jenner has also become famous for gossip about her private life. Lately, during the New York Fashion Wee, she made known her acquaintance with Anwar Hadid, brother of the Hadid models.

Karlie Kloss occupies the second position, with a gain of 13 million dollars last year. The model, like Kendall, is Adidas testimonial. However, her greatest collaboration is the one with the beauty brand Estée Lauder, of which she is global testimonial.

Among the future projects, the American model replaces her colleague Heidi Klum in the program Project Runway. Moreover Karlie has also announced a new fashion series for Amazon Prime Now in which she will be involved.

The third place, of  the models Chrissy Teigen and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, fruits for both a gain of 11.5 million dollars. The two models are united also by the same source of income, indeed for both fashion rhymes with beauty.

Teigen has a long-term collaborations with Estée Lauder, due to the capsule collection for Becca cosmetics called Endless summer glow. Whilst the model Huntington-Whiteley has her own makeup line, named Rosie plus the make-up line Rosie for Autograph for Marks & Spencer UK.

Beyond the podium, the other top models in the Forbes ranking. At fourth place the Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen with an income of 10 million dollars, together with Cara Delevingne, with the same income.

Then among the highest paid models there are Gigi Hadid with 9.5 million dollars and her sister Bella Hadid with 8.5 million dollars. Also model Joan Smalls is tied with Bella. Tenth and last in the Top Ten, the model Doutzen Kroes who in 2018 earned ‘only’ 8 million dollars.

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