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8 by Yoox – the first fashion collection entirely chosen by Artificial Intelligence – was presented today. Ordinary fashion is becoming smart.

Yoox presented today the first fashion collection based on Artificial Intelligence. Assortment and fitting of fashion items have indeed been chosen on the basis of previous customer data processed by an automatic analysis system. Will artificial intelligence conquer fashion?

The presentation of 8 by Yoox collection marks the end of the figures of fashion buyer and merchandiser? A computer, however evolved, is it really able to replace a fashion business professional? The answer is obviously not.

Yoox is an online fashion player and its strength lies in being totally digital. Thank to analytics, YNAP group is able to collect and profile countless customers and their purchasing behavior.

Such immense database allowed the creation of 8 of Yoox which – like the collections of the designers of fashion houses – provide for two collections per year: Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer.

During today’s presentation to public and the press held in Milan, the online retailer explained that Yoox software, thanks to complex artificial intelligence mechanisms, is able to provide a constantly evolving moodboard. Real time data keep feeding it.

Indeed, the data are updated in real time based on site navigations, wish-lists, purchases and customer feedback. This capital allows to identify consolidated trends as well to define timely new emerging trends.

However 8 by Yoox is not just the product of artificial intelligence. The data are just a boot platform that allows to define main fashion guidelines. Later, fashion designers create apparel items and accessories based on this moodboard.

8 of Yoox is the first actual fashion collection born from the synergy between marketing data and artistic creativity. A component, that of the human mind and imagination, that can not yet be replaced by any algorithms. At least not in the fabulous game of fashion.

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