Bella Hadid is Model of The Year 2016

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Bella Hadid has been chosen as the winner of Model of the year Award 2016

Jury of Model of the Year Awards was made up of 250 fashion and beauty experts. They had no hesitation in choosing Bella Hadid.

2016 is almost ended and like every year take place the model of the year award, where the best model is declared according to jury. This was undoubtefully Bella Hadid diamond year.

The supermodel indeed had a brilliant year catwalking the first row in the most important fashion industry shows. Moreover Dior make up chose Bella Hadid as its beauty ambassador.

That success culminated with Victoria’s Secret fashion show where she paraded as an Angel. Bella walked together with her sister Gigi Hadid, sister who last year got to turn the first place of the ranking models. Talent is apparently familiar with the Hadids. users’ choice however it is different from that of the jury. The best model according to the public is indeed Kendall Jenner, who last year won the second place in the ranking of the experts.
Kendall has a very similar story to Bella: they are both daughters of art, both face of a beauty brand Рfor Kendall is Est̩e Lauder-, and they had a significant growth in 2016.

How will they address the 2017 at the gates? Expert or public, it is really hard to choose one over the other.

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