Elisabetta Franchi – the Italian brand – looks forward

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Milan’s catwalks have always been a thermometer for future success of Italian fashion brands.
In 2017, Elisabetta Franchi collections – already present as presentations and catwalk during the event – get a place in the official calendar, a clear signal that the fashion house is flying.

The brand place in the fashion biz has always been a hybrid positioning, on one hand into couture and on the other close to ready to wear.
However at the roots there was the idea of the founder Elisabetta of combining Emilia Romagna’s knitwear art with large-scale production, but now – also thanks to renewed liquidity obtained by the entry into the company’s shares of the private equity fund Trilantic Capital Partners – the goal is to move more and more to the top of the stem thanks to a medium luxury positioning.

To best communicate the refreshed affordable luxury positioning, Eugenio Manchi, CEO of the company, announced a strengthening of the retail channel. The goal is to achieve a 50% growth in turnover in three years.

The retail channel will be fueled by the opening of new retail pos, especially abroad, which will be added to the current nearly 50 foreign boutiques. In new Elisabetta Franchi strategy, wholesale plays an important role, as it is widespread thanks to 1,100 outlets, but the real difference will be brand controlled retail, so the opening of a new flagship store in Bologna, dedicated to the founder who lived here.
Moreover two important boutiques for the European market have just seen the light, these are Madrid and Paris stores. But the company also looks at and above all the new Oriental and Asian markets that are currently an extraordinary flyer for the fashion system brands.

Retail strategy allows to fully explain brand features and peculiarities. Elisabetta Franchi certainly has a lot to tell and to convey, thanks to its apparel and accessories almost entirely made in italy and its compliance with the rules of ethics and environmental sustainability that aroused in recent years a heated debate around the most well-known fashion firms.

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