Greg Lauren

Greg Lauren – full name Greg Lauren Dana Smith – was born January 6th 1970 in New York and its root were instantly linked to fashion world, being him the nephew of fashion designer Ralph Lauren.His future will be rich of achievement and acknowledgment that will lead him to be painter, actor and finally fashion designer.

Greg studied in the field of art at Princeton University and graduated in 1991 with a BA in Art History.
He married in 2003 with Elizabeth Berkley who gave birth to his solo son, Sky Cole Lauren, in 2012.
Greg career started with cinema and he appeared in a lot of movies, included Boogie Nights.

Nevertheless he never dismissed painting and he becomes shortly a successful artist. He was used to make nudes portrait that celebrities loves. His first solo exhibition was ‘Flow’ in 2000 in Santa Monica. From this point on he has almost an exhibition for every year. The most famous is ‘Alteration’, at 28 Wooster in new York City, that has been repeated in 2010 in los Angeles to eventually land in Europe, at Colette Gallery in Paris.

Greg’s wide creativity never has a stop and therefore in 2011 he launched his own fashion brand, a ready-to-wear label for both men and women. It was so natural for him to say yes when Ruffini asked him for a fashion capsule collection. Moncler has always been an experiential brand and Greg, thanks to his roots and his natural linkage to fashion design, was able to reinterpret the brand DNA in a very unusual way.