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Discover the best fashion brand of 2017 according to Forbes. Indeed every year the global media company releases the list of the richest men in the world.

Forbes best fashion brands ranking select among the billionaires the most important personalities linked to Fashion and Luxury sectors. These are indeed very profitable markets.

Forbes best fashion brands are nevertheless not at the top of the ranking. Technology continues to have no equal, with Bill Gates assets of $86 billion, followed by Amazon and Facebook.

However, fashion is still one of the most profitable industries in the world: Amancio Ortega, founder and owner of Inditex Group (Zara being its leading brand) occupies the fourth position, exceeding – with his income of $71.3 billion- even the king of the social networks Mark Zuckerberg.

Following in the rankings there are two giants of fashion that are positioned at the opposite: high-end luxury and fast fashion. Therefore it is no coincidence that Inditex – mixing high-end and affordable ready to wear – lays at the top of the ranking.

On one side, Bernard Arnault – CEO of LVMH group – who rose three places compared to 2016, being close to Worldwide Top Ten occupying the eleventh step thanks to an equity worth $41.5 billion.

On the other side, the Swedish megabrand H&M. Indeed it’s nowadays acknowledged that one widespread trend in the fashion industry lies in fast fashion business. Despite this, we must make a jump worth about thirty positions to find Stefan Persson, son of Erling Persson founder of H&M company, ranking the 43rd position with the wealth of $19,6 billion.

Fast fashion has nevertheless shown some sign of slowing down compared to the positions occupied in 2016. Persson has indeed lowered, after being 32nd last year. Also Japan fast fashion company Uniqlo lays into the ranking. Its CEO Tadashi Yanai sits at 60th place with a wealth of $15,9 billion.

The first Italian, in fiftieth place, is Leonardo Del Vecchio, Luxottica patron, with $17,9 billion assets. One of the most known French fashion representative follows him:. François Pinault, chairman and CEO of Kering is instead 63rd with $15,7 billion in assets.

Italian fashion then comes again in the ranking from 215th place on, where we find Giorgio Armani, who is 215th with $6,6 billion and the two Prada key figures – Patrizio Bertelli and Miuccia Prada – both at 603rd position with assets of $3,2 billion. Armani and Bertelli are also in the Top Ten of the richest Italian.

Renzo Rosso and Benetton brothers rank among 660 and 750 places with wealth of around $3 billion each. The lords of Italian footwear Mario Moretti Polegato and Diego Della Valle climb over the thousandth position with assets of $1.6 billion, respectively.

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