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Greg Lauren designed a capsule collection for Moncler to reinvent historical duvets models.

Greg Lauren to design a capsule collection for Moncler. For FW17-18 Moncler has entrusted to the artist and fashion designer Greg Lauren the rethinking of three historic models of the brand. It is not the first time that Moncler opts to rely on street style leading personalities for fashion collaborations.

Nevertheless the capsule collection Collide by Greg Lauren for Moncler is already widely discussed.

The choice of Greg came about after Remo Ruffini, CEO of Moncler, saw his exhibition Alteration. The showing debuted in NY – the artist’s hometown – in 2009 and it had been transposed into the world of fashion in 2012 with a dedicated exhibition in the famous Parisian concept store Colette.

The name of the capsule Collide derives from collide verb, which expresses the creative process followed by Greg who has tried to reinvent fashion house duvets combining them with everything that is their opposite. The extreme originality that distinguishes the artist gave rise to a creative contamination where iconic duvets Maya, Bady and Moka are no more iconic pieces, but cult items destined to mark a point in Moncler history.

What Greg means when he talks about ‘elegance destruction‘ is a rethinking of the clothing morphological structure, with the addition of contemporary and new touches such as jeans and camouflage.

The different stages of contamination and reworking lays also in the presentation of the collection. Greg Lauren exhibition starts with an entrance where the military touch is accentuated to the maximum and duvets play as sentinels. Follow denim padded jackets, hidden behind curtains made of duvets fabric, and in the last room stands up the most elegant models, all declined in black, with the shape protagonist over the colors.

In the collection the origins of Lauren emerge: nephew of Ralph Lauren, from whom he inherited the aptitude for tailoring and the innate elegance, he renders elegance as the results of different codes: on one hand as vintage, which retrieves the past heritage to give it a new life, on the other as customization taken to the extreme, as the new luxury claims for.

The Collide collection today can only be admired in its exhibition spaces, but far from remaining an unused solo, it will be soon marketed to the public. All of Greg creations are indeed the result of Los Angeles American culture, the city where the artist creates his works, where art is seen in a functional way and it’s closely linked with industry.

Collide collection release in store is scheduled for Autumn 2017, when it will be available in selected stores and online.

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