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Lidl launches its fashion line in collaboration with Heidi Klum. The super model will be the fashion designer and the testimonial of the new fast-fashion collection.

The international low cost chain already offers apparel in its stores. Nevertheless the collaboration between Lidl and Heidi Klum takes the effort to the stars. The company has indeeed officially landed in the fashion sector at an higher ranking, thanks to Heidi Klum parnership for Lidl fashion line launch.

German chain has already made preparatory actions in recent years before the proper launch of a Lidl fashion line. Indeed Lidl clothing line has already seen a shift up last year, with the opening of a temporary store in Hamburg. The challenge was to be present in the luxury district with a fast fashion and affordable fashion offer.

Moreover from 2015 and later on people shown great interest towards the first experiment of Lidl to market a fashion line in UK under the name Esmara. But it is now – thanks to the collaboration with Heidi Klum – that the German chain will definitely upgrade its positioning.

Lidl is ready to become a fast fashion competitors among bigger player. Retailers born straight into fashion universe like H&M, Primark, Zara already exploited super model influence to promote their products. The icon Kate Moss  was a forerunner, before with Top Shop and then for H&M.

Supermarkets too are increasingly shifting to fashion segment. For instance Sainsbury’s, Carrefour and Tesco have launched their own fashion collections in the last years. Lidl as well aims to offer high quality products at an affordable price. Besides Lidl chose Heidi Klum as first fashion designer to assure its customers professionalism as well as latest trends clothes.

Lidl shopping will be fashionable and democratic at the same time. You will put in your cart groceries as well as cool apparel, all at the same time. A win-win combination, destined to be successful as the new tandem Lidl-Heidi.

But that’s not all. To support the launch of the line Lidl will organize a dedicated Fashion Week.

The event will be repeated during the year. Periodically there will be Lidl Fashion Week, fashion appointments dedicated to a specific designer or trend. These events will take place in the Lidl stores worldwide – there are over 10,000 in the world – and it will be possible to purchase straight there the fashion items just presented.

Heidi Klum is the first to sign a Lidl fashion line. Her collection will be presented at the end of the year in the major  German giant stores. For those who can not wait, supermodel signed collection can be previewed on Lidl official website.

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