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My LV Belt by Louis Vuitton is another sign of the raising demand for personalization in luxury

Louis Vuitton has launched My LV Belt, a fully personalized belt with leather, colour and buckle fully chosen by the customer.

My LV Belt is the latest Louis Vuitton creation. Louis Vuitton is one of the best-known brands in the world, thanks to its membership to one of the world’s luxury giants, LVMH holding. The French Maison has been offering exclusive accessories and clothing for its customers for years.

However, the consumer of luxury is increasingly attentive to his purchases and tries to stand out for the unique and refined taste. That’s why many fashion houses, including Louis Vuitton, are increasingly moving in the direction of customization of clothes and accessories.

Thus it is possible for the customer to tailor and customize the range of choices offered by the Maison according to his own taste. Since now customization has been offered mainly with personalized tailoring service, the ability to create combinations is now extended to accessories as well.

Louis Vuitton is already known for its ability to engrave initials on leather bags and accessories. However, the choice of material and color can now be combined with the marking.

My LV Belt is a new exclusive service that allows to customize own belt. Customer can decide on colors, leather and finishes of the belt. According to LV Maison, it is possible to get up to 200 different combinations.

The choice of leather includes raw material, which can be classic cow leather, or instead look out for more sophisticated finishes such as ostrich or crocodile. Then comes the choice of color – in addition to the classic shades of brown and black – it ranges up to blue and red nuances.

Eentually the buckles stands as a separate world, with the choice of metals and the smooth or opaque finish. If one want to avoid metals, it also possible to orient on different raw materials such as wood or hard stones, for instance agate. There are also available different shapes of buckles, from classic closure to LV logo.

Is that a first steps toward democratic fashion? A fashion where the designer, undisputed creator, leaves the place to customer’s taste?

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