Nak Fashion Footwear

Nak Fashion produces luxury shoes without using animal leather in favor of an increasingly cruelty free fashion.

Nak Fashion is guided by the motto of cruelty free fashion. The success achieved by the luxury footwear company shows how fashion biz is increasingly sensitive to sustainability issues.

The very name of Nak Fashion is synonymous with their mission: No Animal Killed. Indeed the company has adopted a new material to craft its luxury shoes instead of leather.

The material used by this innovative footwear company is as ductile and soft as finest leathers. It is also more breathable thanks to advanced tech features, while remaining waterproof.

Nak Fashion was born as a startup in Great Britain, in London in 2015. The designers immediately worked both on design and aesthetics extreme care and on materials research and development. The diktat: using vegan materials to guarantee an eco-sustainable fashion brand.

Following the success already encountered in the early years and the growing attention of the fashion biz towards green, the start-up quickly attracted the attention of investors. The luxury shoes company is today led by the Italian investment company Sri Group, which holds the majority stake since 2018.

Despite Brit origin, Nak Fashion has an Italian soul. First it is financed by an Italian found. And moreover it works straight with Italian artisans who have always specialized in shoes and leather goods craftmanship.

Company growth forecasts are positive, after years of growing sales. Capital increases and nowadays eco-sustainable trend in fashion suggest a forecast of triple revenues in 2019.

The former start-up expects to grow by acquiring talents and possible new talented companies that support future development both in innovative materials R&D and in digital communication.