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WooDone has just openened a new production plant to reinforce its presence on eyewear market.

WooDone, the eyewear brand born in Tyrol – Italy, expands its production on the anniversary of its five years in business.
The eyewear brand is born from the revolutionary idea of Thomas Oberegger and Klaus Tavella who have choose the wood as the main material for their hand-made glasses and shades frames.

If you are wondering why an ancient and apparently boring materials has now become a must in fashion, you should look to Woodone sales.

Woodone has already reached great results not only in Italy but also abroad. Most of the company’s revenue is indeed derived from exports sales.

In these recent years the brand has experienced a growing demand and it was able to achieve good results. Thanks to this it has therefore decided to expand its production and indeed recently opened a new logistics center in Varna, Bolzano.
The new Wood production plant will produce the three brand lines: Wood, Dolomites and Nature. Varna will also be company’s main logistic hub.

The brand is very proud of its root and it is strongly linked to Tyrol, a North Italy region. The area is one of the most supplier for their creations raw materials. All Woodone products are totally Made in Italy, strating from design to production.

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